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Stoneware water tumbler

Made with wild dug clay from NSW south coast.

Porcelain slip made with local granite and and volcanic basalt applied with grass brush 

Wood ash glaze.


Holds 200ml liquid

small tumbler

SKU: tumbler2

    Heat proof ceramic tumbler, holds 200ml of liquid.

    made using hand dug clay from the nsw coast.

    New South Wales basalt applied with a grass brush, porcelain slip made with beechworth granite.

    wood ash glaze.


    dishwasher safe - the glaze will benifit from gentle handwashing however the glaze will develop and change as all crockery does during use. the plate will develop a new appearance as its initial gloss disapears and a new depth appears over years of use.

    if you prefer to maintain the inital shiny apprearance simple washing with hot water and a cloth is reccomended   

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